Gay pride parades sound a note of resistance _ and face some


Istanbul's governorship said on Saturday that no proper application had been filed for the march - a statement denied by the organisers.

New York's Gay Pride march has spawned copycat demonstrations in nearly every corner of the world. But his move in February to revoke the Obama administration's guidance letting transgender students choose which gender bathroom they use, and his executive order last month to promote religious liberty have been seen by some as discriminatory.

It was a day to dance, cheer and dress in bright colors for the biggest Pride celebration in the world.

Horrified participants who had assembled at Taksim Square where the march was due to begin, were chased away by police with tear gas and water cannons. Their causes varied - police shootings, violence against transgender women of color, mass deportations, corporate sponsorship of Pride - but organizer Angela Peoples said members of the grassroots movement were united by concerns of the "whitewashing" of the LGBTQ community. But this year, for the first time ever, she was in the parade. People who want to catch the parade IRL are strongly encouraged to take public transportation.

A 93-year-old mother of two lesbians has been attending the New York City Pride march for almost 50 years.

"I think this year is even more politically charged, even though it was always a venue where people used it to express their political perspectives", said Joannah Jones, 59, from NY with her wife Carol Phillips. Some activists feel the events center on gay white men and are unconcerned with issues including economic inequality and policing.

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People took to Twitter to show the atmosphere of the parades and other events that happened during the celebration.

Trump protesters silently walked down the parade route and another group spread its message of gun control.

Turkish police have used tear gas and reportedly fired rubber bullets to disperse civilians trying to stage a gay Pride march in Istanbul in defiance of a ban.

Small groups gathered at Taksim Square but witnesses said there was a heavy police presence which outnumbered the activists, and at least four people were detained.

The LGBT community descended on Market Street for the 47th annual Pride Parade.

The Istanbul governor's office said it made a decision to prevent the demonstration out of concern for the security of marchers, tourists and residents."The true reason for the reactions towards a march that took place in peace for 12 years is hate", organisers said.