Fresh iPhone 8 renders show off bezel-less screen, iOS 11 & more


And what do you know?

These are not reviews, in part because some of these items are months away from hitting shelves.

Earlier this week, a Reddit thread by sources within Foxconn leaked Apple's product lineup along with some interesting revelations.

Apple iPhone 8 will have vertical dual rear camera setup, unlike iPhone 7 Plus which had the setup horizontally.

Connect the Lightning cable to your device.

Apple is launching HomePod in the U.S., UK, and Australia for US$349.

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Siri has a more natural voice, with more changes in expression, intonation, and emphasis based on what it's saying.

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Photo and Video CompressionNo word on whether they used Richard Hendricks' compression algorithm, but Apple has heard our cries when it comes to how much space our selfies take up.

The question that remains, however, is what Apple's plans are for the feature. Apple has completely revamped the control center and made it customisable. However, I am more interested in the work that Apple is doing to convert the iPad into a legitimate PC replacement. Today, might the same be said of the iPad?

With regard to the price tag, which could make or break the deal for users, the entry-level version of the Microsoft Surface Laptop with 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB SSD and Intel i5 processor is at $999. It can handle 22 teraflops of graphics computation. It needs a couple more at least to achieve its full potential, and it will get there, we're sure of it.

But just as investors lose money by selling off Apple shares after a big product launch, it's surely a bit smarter to look at the long view.

Then there's the iMac Pro. Long-time readers will note that I'm a Windows user, but boy would I welcome having that system with its 27-inch Retina screen plonked on my desk. The App store of Apple is a home to one the most vibrant and innovative apps around the world. Apple reduced the bezel by 40 percent to cram in that screen while keeping the weight to 1 pound. (Because I tested the Pro before its official launch, it's also possible the version of the app I tried out wasn't optimized for it yet.) Meanwhile, I suck at 3D modeling, but apps like UMake and Formit 360 gave me the tools to at least try cobbling 3D structures together; any failures of performance here belong to me, not the hardware.

It's more powerful, of course, and it has the same cameras as the iPhone 7. While the in-display solution suffered from yield and manufacturing issues, Apple would not opt for the rear Touch ID. The two most impressive new products unveiled this week, the HomePod and iMac Pro, are a testament to that fact and proof the company, though lacking a truly visionary product since the dawn of the iPhone, still knows how to make handsome consumer technology.

But even compared to previous WWDC events, the keynote and news for this year's show had an overt appeal to developers: Apple is working hard to make you happy.