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We just had our fun at Google I/O 2017, and now it's time for Apple to have its turn. It is something new from Apple.

This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the release of the iPhone, which helped cement Apple's position as one of the most profitable and successful technology companies of all time.

When the Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off Monday in San Jose, California, the iPhone maker is likely to unveil iPads and Mac laptops along with new versions of the operating systems for those devices, according to people familiar with the plans.

Of the two-to-four product events that Apple holds in a typical year, WWDC is usually the most interesting.

Apple past year revealed plans for an iOS app design and development facility in Bengaluru.

How can I watch the WWDC 2017 keynote? The company might introduce a 10.5-inch model with slimmer bezels and also a larger screen and much better than the standard 9.7-inch version. The last stat, 1 billion Apple devices in active use, was given in early 2016. At present, it is not clear what the company planned for the Apple Watch.

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Apple knows that even as developers wait for word of all the new coding and feature opportunities available in iOS, macOS, TVOS and watchOS, millions of others who've never touched a line of code will be reading the tea leaves, looking for any hint of what, especially, the next iPhone will be like.

From breakout hits like Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run to other standout launches such as CancerAid, SPACE by THIX, Zones for Training with Exercise Intensity, Vanido, Ace Tennis and Havenly, customers discover and experience new apps and games every day on the App Store, according to Apple.

To determine how much revenue the App Store generates for Apple what you do is divide the amount received by developers by 70% or the percentage they receive. The French Apple news site Consomac recently reported (link in French) uncovered regulatory filings for five new Mac devices in Russian Federation, which suggest new models could be dropping soon.

It has been a while since Apple upgraded its Mac Mini. There's also a chance Apple may also revive its long-forgotten MacBook Air line at WWDC, which hasn't seen a significant update since 2015, and an outside chance Apple could update its iMac desktop computer too. Cook has also said that AI will be one of the core technologies that "will be dominant in smartphones of the future", so it's possible we'll start to see what this could mean for Apple beyond a sassy virtual assistant that still doesn't do a great job of understanding you most of the time.

Since the release of iOS 10 last fall, iPhone and iPad users have also experienced new engaging and creative ways to connect, such as giving a friend a Starbucks gift card using Apple Pay, collaborating on a fashion design sketch using Prêt à Template or making someone smile with an endless assortment of stickers.