Flint airport director: Maintenance worker saved stabbed officer's life


Flint: Officials on Wednesday evacuated an airport in Flint in MI, where a witness said he saw an officer bleeding from his neck and a knife nearby on the ground.

At approximately 9 a.m., law enforcement officers from a number of organizations including the FBI's office in Flint responded to Flint's Bishop International Airport after receiving the report of a stabbing of an airport police officer, Lt. Jeff Neville. Dr. Donald Scholten says Neville suffered a 12-inch slash that caused significant bleeding but missed major arteries and a nerve by "millimeters". According to a detailed timetable of the attack published by ClickOnDetroit, Ftouhi was carrying a red duffel bag and dark satchel when he entered the airport at 8:52 A.M. He spent about half an hour at a restaurant on the second floor of the airport, left his bags in a public restroom, and emerged to attack Neville within 60 seconds.

Ftouhi attempted to buy a gun in MI between the dates of Sunday, June 18, and Wednesday, June 21, when the attack on Neville occurred, federal officials previously said.

On the other hand, the officer who got stabbed is now identified as Jeff Neville, who fought with the stabber until other officers handcuffed him, which is an act of bravery as a knife wounded him in his neck, who is now at the hospital recovering fast. According to the FBI, Ftouhi said something similar to "you have killed people in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, and we are all going to die".

Now investigators are trying to piece together why Ftouhi allegedly conducted what the Federal Bureau of Investigation is calling an act of terror.

USA officials have conducted around 20 interviews and located Ftouhi's auto in the Flint airport parking lot, Gelios said.

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Ftouhi, who holds duel Tunisian and Canadian citizenship, attempted to purchase a gun in the USA but was unsuccessful, according to Special Agent David Gelios of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He doesn't use drugs or alcohol, last worked about two weeks ago and said he has no mental or physical health problems, the court was told from information Ftouhi provided.

Ftouhi asked an officer who subdued him why he did not kill him, according to the criminal complaint.

Police in Canada were searching a Montreal apartment.

"At this time we view him as a lone-wolf attacker". He legally entered the USA through NY on June 16.

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