Eid Al Fitr 2017 moon sighting begins in Pakistan


The meeting will decide when Eid al Fitr will be celebrated in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

In 2016 the moon sighting took place in Pakistan without any opposition, Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman announced that the Eid will be celebrated on the same day all around the country.

Since the Bill Clinton administration, the White House has each year hosted either an event to mark the Eid al-Fitr feast - which ends the fasting month of Ramadan - or a meal breaking the dawn-til-dusk fast, known as an iftar.

Donald Trump's government has not held an iftar dinner for the end of Ramadan, breaking a Muslim tradition held at the White House for more than two centuries.

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Similar appeals have also been issued by the regional moon sighting committees in the three countries in South Asia which host a sizeable population of Muslims.

There had initially been some confusion over the date of Eid al-Fitr in India this time, because Ramadan had started a day late, as a result of the moon not being seen on May 26. Trump instead chose to release a brief statement on Saturday, the final day of the holy month. Hence today is 30th Ramadan in Oman and Eid celebration will begin from Monday.

The post included a video that urged the public to also celebrate the Eid al-Fitr, which Tsai said was a significant holiday for Muslims around the world and a celebration of bonds among families and friends. "We celebrate a sense of accomplishment that we completed the fasting for self-control and that our home is Canada and we are in 150th year of our existence".

This means Indian Muslims, like their counterparts in Saudi Arabia, would have observed 29 fasts this year.