E3 2017: New Pokemon Game Confirmed in Development For Nintendo Switch


Actaully, not much at all.

Compared to Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo's E3 is a lot more about cute things and bright colours and a lot less about guns and gore. The game will release this fall. Last year they turned this to their advantage by doubling down on the new Legend of Zelda, but with the Switch off to a stellar start, this year's E3 was all about confirming a pipeline of appealing software. The positive reaction since the machine's debut on March 3 has sent Nintendo shares up more than 40 percent, climbing to the highest level since January 2009. While Mario's outings on the Wii U were a joy to play, the ambition of Mario Odyssey is an exciting sign of Nintendo's renewed confidence. And it's that motion moveset which really takes some getting used to. Super Mario Odyssey will come to the Switch on October 27. Thankfully, during the Nintendo Spotlight, it was announced that it's officially coming to the Nintendo Switch. The disappointments came with a lack of information regarding Nintendo's plans for the virtual console, and an absence of indie titles. Though unlike Woolly World, this one appears to take less inspiration from Yoshi's Island and more from Yoshi's Story with it taking advantage of the 3D plane which is cool. Now with the impending release of Yoshi for the Nintendo Switch, the character will be receiving his next adventure on a current generation console next year.

Another brief preview of this summer's Wii U reissue. The announcement was in name only, however, as no release date, screenshots or gameplay were showcased for the upcoming title. "You need a certain number of Moons to unlock a new kingdom, so some of these what we might consider side quests, are solving some issue within a kingdom, but the real goal of that is to provide you with enough Power Moons to move on with the main storyline". Now in development for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo was quick to tease a new Pokemon game for the Switch.

"I think some people would have also expected news of a port of Super Smash Bros for the Switch, but personally I wasn't surprised that it wasn't discussed".

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Fan favourites Marth, Chrom, Corrin, and Xander are confirmed to be in Koei Tecmo's game. Yoshi for Nintendo Switch swaps out the wool of Yoshi's Wooly World for paper.

We also learned the first DLC, The Master Trials, goes live June 30th. A teaser for the DLC showed "The Champions Ballad" will feature Mipha, Urbosa, Daruk, and Revali.

I love me some Fire Emblem, and a fresh new trailer for Fire Emblems Warriors looks to bring all my favorite characters into this realm of insane hack-n-slash battlefields. Hey, it's Mario. It doesn't have to make sense - it just has to be fun. Released on August 29th.

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