Destiny 2 Will Have 4K Resolution; No Promises For Xbox One X


After dodging questions for the first few days following the presentation, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, gave his thoughts on the games industry, the Xbox One X reveal, and Microsoft's position in the VR space in a refreshingly candid interview with Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann last night.

But as Spencer indicates, there's a method to Microsoft's apparent madness. It's under the Play Anywhere umbrella, wherein Microsoft makes it available for Xbox One and Windows 10. With this launch, BAML expects the same but per MSFT profitability might not see dramatic volatility relative to prior launches given that Xbox One X is not a replacement and One S will still be the revenue driver.

One might think that the console's $499 price tag would also be something that would put off potential buyers, as it's a full hundred dollars more expensive than the Playstation 4 Pro.

Sony's PS4 Pro comes out with a powerful CPU too, and is just marginally behind that of the XBOX One X. The console comes out with an octa-cored CPU that is clocked in at 2.1 GHz. Minecraft - the demographic playing that, you know as well as I do, it's all ages but it's also very young. The fantastic console will begin to roll out to users on November 7 of this year. You can go with Xbox One S, which costs $249 to $299 and enjoy over a hundred games in 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos. Bank of America Merrill Lynch maintains its Buy and PO $75 coming out of E3 2017 conference in LA today where it met with Tim Stuart, GM Xbox Finance. And the Wall Street Journal suggested that there will be no VR support from the Xbox One X when it hits the stores. It's a native 4K resolution game, which accounts for why the download file size is so big. "And I think a lot of the other people have a current generation console and are looking for a premium experience and something that really looks different". And so compromising any of those then makes that message much harder to communicate to them. While Microsoft's latest console offers a processing power of up to 6 tflops, the Sony console offers only 4.2tflops, while the switch is far behind, at just 1.31 tflops.

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When we looked at the overall design, we could do less memory. The company explained that Xbox One X would eventually be able to run its Mixed Reality headsets, made by manufacturers such as Acer and HP.

Microsoft is releasing "Forza Motorsport 7" ahead of the Xbox One X - it will take advantage of the console's ability to play games in 4K.

From where he's sitting, though, that wouldn't be a problem.