De Blasio: BiB is making big 'gains'


Some of the other initiatives as part of the mayor's plan includes a strategy for citywide freight network, doubling the number of CUNY's computer science graduates to 2,000 per year within five years, and Apprentice NYC, a new employer-partnership model that will provide New Yorkers with good jobs in tech, healthcare, life sciences, and more.

The initiative will focus largely on "good-paying" jobs that carry salaries of more than $50,000 per year.

The mayor held today's announcement at SecurityScorecard, a security rating platform located in New York City.

The plan also includes a "Nightlife Ambassador", described as a "senior-level administration official" tasked with helping businesses obtain licensing and permits from the city's sprawling bureaucracy.

New York City children deserve better. Cyber security has been identified as a growth sector, one that will be home to more jobs if the city helps spur it along, the mayor explained.

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In an announcement made June 15, de Blasio highlighted 25 initiatives that make up the New York Works plan, which is created to prompt economic growth in areas like health and technology while addressing the issue of economic inequality.

The city's unemployment rate, which was 4.3% in May, according to state data, is low. Ms. Wylde, who has long served as a prominent liaison between City Hall and the business community, said she hadn't received an invitation to the news conference and hadn't seen the final plan.

The city intends to provide tax incentives, more space for industries like film, training partnerships with the City University of NY, and investments in early-stage companies.

New Yorkers, naturally, had some things to say about the mayor's underground jaunt.

During the announcement and the press questioning that followed, de Blasio and Glen repeatedly stressed that the plan's objective was to create "jobs that would not be created otherwise" as opposed to riding the wave of growing industries and claiming credit. Blasio said finding jobs for people with very little education or job skills was a separate issue.