Cousin says woman shot by police wasn't violent


At some point, Lyles displayed a knife and the two officers shot and killed her. Lyles' children were inside the apartment at the time of the shooting, but none of them were injured.

A female voice in the background utters an expletive as the officers repeatedly warn her to back away. Officers who responded to the burglary call looked for a mental health caution on her file, but found none, according to the audio recording.

Relatives wondered why police shot her instead of Tasering her. "Why couldn't they have Tased her?" When we explained to her family the behavior and statements Lyles made to us, they were suprised (sic) and informed us she has not had any behavior similar to this in the past.

Family members told the Seattle Times that they believe Lyles's race - she is black - was a factor in her death.

Florida Carroll holds her grandson Quayvis Carroll as they visit a memorial for a woman set up outside an apartment building at Magnuson Park in Seattle on Sunday, June 18, 2017. "I could have taken her down". A police audio recording of officers shouting "get back!" and the woman saying "do it! do it!" are among the few clues about what went wrong before she was shot and killed on Sunday. Both officers fired their weapons, killing her. They performed CPR, according to authorities, but Lyles was later declared dead by fire department officials at the scene.

The officers talk about the woman previously waving large metal shears and trying to prevent officers from leaving her apartment, and making "weird statements" about her and her daughter turning into wolves.

Sorrowful and, at times, angry sentiments have poured in throughout the day Monday from groups representing gun safety, people with disabilities, people of color and the low-income housing provider that managed her apartment.

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On the dashcam audio of Sunday's incident, officers can be heard greeting Lyles and asking questions about the burglary report.

"Hey, get back! Get back!" says one of the cops, and then, the other, before several gunshots are heard.

Police say three children were inside the apartment when the shooting happened.

Family members told the Seattle Times that Lyles was several months pregnant, and suffering from mental health issues, at the time of the incident. "Both officers fired their duty weapons, striking the woman".

In an early part of the tape, officers are heard discussing previous calls to Lyles' apartment, including one for domestic violence which involved Lyles holding a scissors. At the end of the video, an officer can be seen partially backing out of the doorway with his arms raised. Some questioned why non-lethal options weren't used in the case.

Detectives from the use of force team will investigate the Sunday shooting that Mayor Ed Murray called a tragedy for everyone involved.

As part of a federal consent decree, the Seattle Police Department has emphasized training in "crisis intervention", which stresses techniques for lowering the tension when encountering people with mental illness or other cognitive problems. Lyles's own sister, Monika Williams, asked this, saying, "Even if my sister had a knife in her hand, she weighs like nothing, even if she's soaking wet".