Chinese girl gets dragged into the sea by wild sea lion


The terrified girl was led away by people on the dock, clearly dazed by her brush with death.

College student Michael Fujiwara - who does not know the girl - was filming the crowd gathering around the male sea lion at Steveston Harbour in Richmond, British Columbia on Saturday. That was followed by much laughter and exclamations and a few seconds later the girl sat with her back to the dock.

A sea lion was swimming slowly by a wharf in Canada. An unidentified man jumps into the water as onlookers scream.

A man, who Fujiwara thinks was a relative, jumps in after her and bystanders pull them to safety.

Danielle Hyson, a trainer at the Vancouver Aquarium, told CBC that the girl's family should call the aquarium if she had suffered any injuries. A father of a five-year-old girl said he was cleaning fish on a dock in 2009 when he heard a splash nearby.

Danielle Hyson, a trainer at the Vancouver Aquarium, told The Vancouver Sun that the sea lion had displayed warning signs just moments before the incident.

"Her family started feeding the animal, and the sea-lion started to become comfortable", Fujiwara said.

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"They have teeth, they can bite and even unintentionally you can get bitten so you want to keep your distance from them", says Andrew Trites, a Marine Mammal Researcher.

Out of nowhere it launches itself out of the water, grabbing her dress in its mouth and pulling her in.

"When we see performing animals, like at the circus, we get false information about whether animals like to be around people". They are not pets, they're wild animals.

Trites hopes the video of the encounter teaches others to not feed wild animals like sea lions.

He says things were pretty quiet after the sea lion pounced.

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