Bounty hunters, fugitive killed in gunfight at vehicle dealership


When asked about Hutchinson, Peters shared that a friend of his, a retired St. Paul cop, had told him that Hutchinson was the most risky person he's encountered in 35 years of police work.

According to news reports, the bounty hunters arrived at the dealership, which is about 50 miles northeast of Dallas, earlier in the day and waited hours for Hutchinson to show up. That is when the target pulled out a gun and started to fire. A scuffle began in the office as Hutchinson tried to pick up the weapon.

Several questioned Garcia and Bernal's decision to confront their suspect in a crowded workplace. The gunfight, between all three of them, happened in front of employees and customers, including children in the showroom, police said. They said Garcia owned F.N.G. Instead, bounty hunters are often doing their jobs on the phone at their desks, using various websites to locate fugitives. State licensing for each did not appear to legally allow for their actions, according to industry observers. They can't identify with any other law enforcement agency.

"They didn't call the cops because I believe that if they cops had gotten involved they would have made the arrest and these two individuals wouldn't have gotten paid their bounty for getting the fugitive", Schulte said.

"You have to clearly state who you are and what your intentions are and what your business is there", Alfaro said.

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Garcia was a licensed private investigator and Verbal was not. To become a commissioned security officer or a private investigator, a person needs the support of a company like Phariss'.

"We didn't give them permission, but we also didn't tell them that they had to leave", dealership owner Rick Ford told CNN affiliate KTVT. The circumstances surrounding the shooting are still unknown and an investigation has been initiated.

"Enjoyed his life in Corpus Christi, lived a modest and humble life", Peters said about Garcia.

Rhode Island's largest city is considering a sweeping police accountability measure that proponents say could be a national model to prevent discriminatory profiling based on race, gender identity and immigration.