Ben Affleck's THE ACCOUNTANT Is Getting a Sequel


Affleck will next be seen as Batman in the upcoming "Justice League", which Warner Bros. opens November 17. He is a forensic accountant who takes care of the books for criminal organizations to make them look legit. Thus, its status as a cost-effective gritty, intelligent actioner seems to have captured the imagination of studio suits who believe that - possibly similar to Keanu Reeves's action hit franchise John Wick - there is money to be made by risking a sequel that won't stray far from the original formula. It raked in $155 million worldwide on a $44 million budget. The film's slow-burn character study ultimately ended in the big twist reveal that Affleck's Christian Wolff had a brother (Jon Bernthal's "Brax") who was also a top assassin. Per Deadline, Affleck is in talks to reprise his role in a sequel to last year's solid thriller The Accountant alongside returning director Gavin O'Connor and returning screenwriter Bill Dubuque.

While The Accountant might not have gotten great reviews from critics, the film went on to win over the praise of fans. However, his recent starring role in the action-crime drama The Accountant garnered acclaim and proved profitable; something that now stands to gain Affleck another sequel project.

No word yet on when The Accountant 2 will head into production, or be released.

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Then again, could there be a chance that Ben Affleck is looking to get out of playing Batman beyond Justice League? He already left the director's seat on the next Batman movie, which was quite the shake-up for the DC Extended Universe.

Ben Affleck may once again be picking up a graphing calculator and a gun.