Become Human's big choice is … violence or pacifism?


The upcoming cyberpunk inspired game coming from Quantic Dream, Detroit Become Human, received some much deserved love at this year's Sony E3 Press conference. The first part of Detroit's robot uprising story was first revealed in a tech demo short created by Quantic Dream in 2012.

David Cage's follow-up to Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain is looking good.

The game itself revolves around several playable characters, all of whom are said to be androids.

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Enter a tense vision of future Detroit where humans and androids maintain a fragile co-existence and the decisions that you make build the story around you. This appears to be an action-adventure game played from a third-person view where you can either choose violence or pacifism. You will have to make your decisions wisely and watch as the world feels the consequences.

Detroit Become Human is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and still has no date at this time.