ARMS Patch 1.10 Adds LAN Support and Balance Fixes


"LAN Play" support and "Arena Mode" added.

"Arena Mode" added. It's a mode where players can take turns fighting in one-on-one matches in Friend, Local Communication, and LAN Play. You can now battle against players via LAN.

In order to activate LAN mode, you need to go into the main menu and press L+R while the left stick is held.

Kid Cobra will no longer get stuck constantly dashing on hoverboards.

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Fixed an issue where Biff says "AMRS Grand Prix" instead of "ARMS Grand Prix". The patch is the first big one since launch, and it introduces a couple of neat new features. The "Arena" mode has been added to this section; unlike "Party" which mimics the random mix of matches in the online equivalent, Arena adds the Spectator feature promised during E3. You can use a splitscreen to swap between four viewpoints when spectating.

The update also introduces a LAN Mode.

Another noteworthy addition is the inclusion of Arena Mode. If he's anything like his bossfight mode, that means we can expect Spring Man's charged shockwave ability, and a default set of gloves including an explosive Grenade punch, an equally explosive Whammer variant, and burning gloves that glow with purple flames in contrast to Spring Man's red.

ARMS Patch 1.1.0 should be available for download right this second.