Apple's WWDC 2017 starts June 5 at 1PM ET/10AM PT


Some of the company's current favourites - like Apple Music and iTunes - have had announcements in the last two years and are certain to get another refresh this time around. First, Google held their annual developer festival, Google I/O 2017, in mid-May.

Next week Apple is set to have its developer's conference, known as WWDC, where tech experts are expecting Apple to discuss new hardware and software, CNBC reported.

All eyes will be on Apple as the week-long WWDC 2017 kicks off with the keynote speech.

The Air remains an all-time favorite laptop for many, despite Apple's relatively infrequent updates to the line. For iCloud, Siri is expected to identify connections among multiple devices under an Apple ID account.

Here's a preview of what's expected at this year's edition of WWDC.

Chances of announcement - Let's not even go there! Apple will be focused on things like the speaker's quality.

But if Apple does decide to join the smart speaker circus, the company will nearly certainly do it as Steve Jobs would've wanted. Unlike Google and Amazon, however, Siri doesn't really allow for ordering of goods or support for playing tunes through third-party music applications like Spotify. Kuo also predicts that Apple is planning to launch a smart speaker to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Expect the usual updates to core apps like Safari and Mail, with productivity enhancements across the board.

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Most likely, Apple will reveal its new iOS 11 operating system ahead of its new iPhone launch later this fall. In addition to this, the concept also pays attention to the iPad as well with features that takes full advantage of the bigger display.

Siri found its way to the desktop at WWDC past year, so some new features could be in order. Apple employees have been secretly testing the device in their homes for several months, they said.

No matter what sort of face Tim Cook and the gang put on when they're on-stage Monday, Apple is on the back foot, and it knows it.

No major change has been made to macOS in years but small changes are made each and every year. That set of products generated $11 billion in sales past year. But while the system does feature voice integration, it's not an ideal alternative to an always-listening speaker hub like the Echo or Home. Heck, will it even have a screen? But one thing is for sure. Hence you can expect major updates to Siri.

It might also just be announced on Monday and not actually be shipping until much later in the year. Another credible rumour comes from Bloomberg suggesting that most of the updates will be under-the-hood. The supposed 10.5-inch iPad Pro is said to be arriving with a similar footprint as its 9.7-inch sibling, courtesy of dramatically reduced bezels. This is likely a clearing out of the inventory.

Just like the new MacBooks, it's possible that we'll see a spec bump for the iMac. Apple already offers multitasking on the iPad Pro. "Moreover, various media reports have highlighted the potential unveiling of a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, which we believe is plausible but not a given". According to pre-show rumblings, Intel's Kaby Lake processors are the flavor of the day, meaning faster speeds and better battery life.

macOS/watchOS/tvOS: All three operating systems are expected to get big refreshes this time out, though again, details are pretty scant here.

When will the WWDC 2017 presentation begin?