Apple to make Siri play nice with more apps


We're also expecting to see a new Siri-powered home speaker to pop up looking a lot like the Amazon Echo.

Like previous years, highlight of the WWDC 2017 will be the new Apple iOS v11.0. There are also rumors the company will announce a new smart speaker and updates to its Mac and iPad lines.

Apple looks set to have quite the week.

The 2017 Apple annual developer conference will begin June 5 and ends June 9.

More updates should roll out during the Apple 2017 WWDC.

It's challenging to innovate on the concept of "kitchen speaker with an AI and a microphone built in", so Apple has two options here: launch a keep-up-with-the-Joneses product that demonstrates its commitment to the product and lays the groundwork for something revolutionary to come; or try the classic Apple move, and make a much more expensive version to capture the high end of the market.

Apple aims to position its speaker not only as a digital assistant for the home, but also as a high-end audio device that will compete with Sonos and other leading speaker manufacturers, according to some reports.

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Apple is widely rumoured to refresh last year's MacBook at the Keynote.

Rumors are thin for the recently renamed macOS, but fixing iTunes would be a real crowd pleaser.

If Apple is expecting the Siri Speaker to do anything well, Siri's going to need some major updates, and fast.

Siri found its way to the desktop at WWDC a year ago, so some new features could be in order.

Apple is also likely to allow third-party services to build skills (or apps) for the speaker - past year Siri was made accessible to outside parties, allowing the voice assistant to book an Uber or send a WhatsApp message. The company is expected to play host to a little over 5,000 programmers and Apple enthusiasts to announce new developments in terms software and hardware. They are, offering a hub to automate appliances and lights with the help of Apple's Homekit system and the second thing is establishing a bulwark within the home to lock the customers more tightly in Apple networks.

Apple now has some of same type of capability found in smart speakers built into its Apple TV box, noted Michael Jude, a research manager at Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan.

Apple has been stingy about opening Siri up to third-party developers, and the assistant has suffered because of it.