Apple Registers Increasing Number of Downloads on App Store


Apple also said that, over the past 12 months, downloads have grown over 70%. APFS exists as a developer beta in macOS Sierra, but it can't be used for boot drives or Fusion Drives and it comes with a handful of other limitations mostly created to discourage people from using it to store important data; expect that to change this year.

The message to iPhone developers is that Apple's platform is healthy, thriving, and presents an opportunity to start and grow a business.

I'm lumping these three together because we've heard nearly nothing from reliable sources about what each of these updates might contain. Apple announced Apple File System as a new, modern file system for iOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS.

We also don't know much about how the system requirements for these new operating systems might change. As with iOS, Apple is expected to bring its Siri improvements to macOS but we've heard little information about the company's plans. We'll have to wait and see.

Apple Pay is also upgraded this time. Siri Speaker Perhaps the most exciting item Apple could announce tomorrow is a rival to the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Mac Unfortunately, we're not expecting any Mac Pro, iMac, or Mac mini updates at WWDC; however, Apple has confirmed that a new professional iMac and a redesigned Mac Pro are in development.

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If rumors are to be believed, Apple will take the wraps off a Siri-powered smart speaker during WWDC.

We just had our fun at Google I/O 2017, and now it's time for Apple to have its turn.

Apple has recently tweaked the App Store to make it more friendly to developers - letting them respond to negative reviews directly, for example, and cutting Apple's share of sales if the app is sold through a subscription. Like Amazon's and Google's products, expect a device that puts Apple's products and services front-and-center but also gives third-party developers APIs they can use to integrate their own services. And earlier this year, Apple was said to be developing its own chips to handle tasks such as graphics processing and artificial intelligence - the latter, underpinning technologies such as speech and facial recognition.

Apple previous year revealed plans for an iOS app design and development facility in Bengaluru.