Apple Pay is soon launching person-to-person payments


Apple also announced new Macintosh computers, new versions of MacOS, watchOS and tvOS, along with providing a preview of an intelligent speaker that will show up in December.

At Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference, Apple launches HomePod- a smart home speaker.

Shared Up Next is a new Apple Music feature that makes it easier for users to share playlists with DJs at parties and events, or with other users in a crowded room.

High Sierra will be released later this year as a free update, according to Federighi.

At the event hosted by CEO Tim Cook and other faces from Apple's team, it took the lid of exciting products and an all new OS for its mobile devices. When it asks you to choose between your iPhone and Watch, choose the Watch. "We listened. Amazon Prime Video is coming to the TV App and all Apple TVs this year". The feature has also received a new beta translation mode, allowing users to translate between English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. For example, a message that says "You owe me $20" will automatically pull up a suggestion to tap into Apple Pay, which will suggest $20 as your basic payment.

With updates such as a reworked Safari that comes with features like autoplay video blocking and "intelligent tracking prevention" to cut back ad trackers, along with other updates such as rolling out of the Apple file system and inclusion of a new graphics engine in the form of Mantle 2, the OS sure looks to be a victor. Although the format is not exclusive to Apple, it's not yet clear how well the photos will work with non-Apple software and devices, which mostly use JPEG.

High Sierra is expected to be available in the upcoming months.

The trend-setting company also is putting new twists on existing products as it delves deeper into virtual reality and a form of artificial intelligence called machine learning. The new iOs 10.3.2 update is introduced to fix the bugs.

New iMacs for software programmers are getting better displays and graphics capabilities.

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Desktop: Apple also announced a new iMac Pro, which will cost $4,999 and will be available in December.

Siri has a new look in which your results will appear more like Google's "cards".

What's new in iOS 11?

Control center: Apple is revamping the control center on iOS - the panel that pops up to let you control volume, brightness, etc. - by enlarging it and spacing out some of the functions.

Will your iPhone and iPad get iOS 11? Apple also made a point of noting performance enhancements during its demo, including showing improved scrolling and navigation with Apple Pencil. Using Bluetooth and WiFi, it will also be able to track when you're moving in a auto and give you the option to turn on a "do not disturb" mode while driving.

Analysts said Apple is playing to its strength in the music industry by focusing on sound quality and its catalog of songs available on HomePod.

When will your iPhone and iPad get iOS 11? The protection is similar to what Google Home and Amazon's Echo speakers already offer.

HomePod is deemed a more expensive competitor of Echo, which was released two years ago. It was estimated that about 8 per cent of all apps on the App Store will become obsolete with the roll out of the update.