Apple announces the rumoured iPad Pro for USD779 at WWDC 2017


To be "smart", the latest product in Apple's portfolio, known as HomePod, comes with a A8 microprocessor chip, the same power engine in the company's flagship iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet computer.

It's worth noting that the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro also weighs the same as the the 9.7-inch iteration, according to an Apple representative I spoke to at the event. Apple is banking on six new updates for the duo as part of the upcoming iOS 11 which are expected to hone the devices' potential as professional devices.

A traveler would be able, for instance, to ask for the most popular dishes at a restaurant and have Siri automatically translate from Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish into English.

The camera is getting better again: If you love portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, you'll now be able to take low-light portraits with iOS 11.

Apple is trying to change that in iOS 11, with improvements to Siri's voice so she (or he, should you prefer) sounds a lot more natural.

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The feature turns the screen of your iPhone black and can be setup to send automatic replies to people telling them you are behind the wheel. Apple Pay is coming to iPad as well, allowing users to pay for goods and services within apps or on websites in Safari.

This new feature is available across the system, allowing users to move text, photos and files from one app to another, anywhere on the screen. The update adds a speed limit guidance and lane navigation.

In the lead up to this autumn's release of its new operating system, iOS 11, the company will make its voice assistant Siri much more broadly available to mobile app developers to build software on, expanding the range of travel and other tasks it can accomplish. A user can swipe in from any side to bring up the dock and switch to another app.

A new tool bar can help to predict which app you want to open next and there is also a new file system that can easily help to organise your files and documents from third party apps such as Google Drive and DropBox. The new look will bring with it a section for feature apps and games, which gives users more info on certain apps such as their history and details about how they were designed.

For the first time in its history, Apple is redesigning its App Store.