Alexa can now set reminders for you


I've owned an Amazon Echo for more than a year now, and it's completely changed the way I live in my apartment.

The new features may be simple to some. Having multiple timers running means you can ask how long your pie timer has left while your pot roast, well, roasts.

Admittedly, the population of people who have an Echo, Echo Dot, Google Home, LG SmartThinQ Hub, or similar device, is going to be comprised largely of bleeding-edge early adopters, but that audience is beginning to expand into the mainstream (hence being parodied recently on SNL).

The Amazon Echo has now been out for nearly two years, but it's been missing a pretty critical feature that probably should have been available at launch: reminders.

Alexa customers across the United Kingdom are now able to create named timers while cooking or doing household chores, as well as schedule reminders. Nothing revolutionary for the Amazon Echo, mind you, because the Amazon Echo Show will be coming this month as well, and it brings new features such as a touch screen and "SuperEcho" speaker.

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Users can also set up timers with Alexa, which can be particularly useful in the kitchen.

"Now you can ask Alexa to set a pasta timer and to set a garlic bread timer, and when the timer goes off, Alexa will state which timer is done", Amazon said in a statement to PCMag. For more immediate reminders, you can just say "Alexa, remind me to mail the electricity bill at 3pm" and, come 3pm that day, the blue ring will light up and the assistant will read out the reason you set. An upgrade over the existing Echo devices, Echo Look comes with a built-in camera that allows you take a selfie or record a video.

You can alter and cancel active timers by voice or in the app.

Google has already announced to release its Essential Home smart voice assistance device and several other IT players including Facebook, China-based Alibaba and Baidu, are also expected to launch their in-house developed smart voice recognition products.