58 presumed dead in London tower blaze, police say


Dozens of people remain missing after the fire engulfed the 24-story building early Wednesday, CNN reported. The blaze spread rapidly, and three days later, officials are still searching for the missing.

In addition to fire and police investigations into the inferno, May has promised to hold public hearings.

Public anger is mounting as residents and neighbors demand answers for how the blaze early Wednesday spread so quickly and trapped so numerous tower's 600-odd residents. While the cause of the blaze has not been officially identified, residents had been complaining about conditions in the building since it was remodeled in 2016, but were rebuffed.

Sixteen "very ordinary people" sat in Downing Street to bring their concerns to May in an "unprecedented" meeting on Saturday and finally felt they were listened to, the Bishop of Kensington, Dr Graham Tomlin said.

On the figure of 58, he said: "I really hope it won't, but it may increase", while adding that "it might be that some of those are safe and well", and for some reason, had not yet made themselves known to the police. Friends and families of victims, including a furious seven-year-old, asked: "How many children died?" London Mayor Sadiq Khan wrote an incensed letter to British Prime Minister Theresa May, warning her that community reaction to the fire is becoming " increasingly angry" due to poor political response. As many as 500 gathered at the building, forcing May to run to her auto under police guard as she left the building, with echoes of "coward" being hurled in her direction.

She said support on the ground for families immediately after the blaze was "not good enough" and ordered that more staff be deployed at the scene in high-visibility clothing. Britain's Press Association says around 70 people are missing. In recent years, London's skyrocketing home prices and housing shortage have left residents struggling.

Scuffles broke out near the building, with demonstrators chanting "we want justice!" as they surged toward the doors. Our focus has been on those that we know were in there that we've been told were in Grenfell tower.

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The tragedy has provoked a huge response from nearby communities.

Anger flared in the Kensington community over the weekend - with many protests taking place across the capital - as some accused the authorities of withholding information and responding inadequately.

All Government buildings will mark the silence, at 11am on Monday, and other organisations may also observe it.

King also said that there are around 4,000 tower blocks in the United Kingdom without automatic fire sprinkler protection systems in place.

Two Underground lines near the fire area were partially shut down on Saturday to make sure that debris did not land on the tracks.

Questions have also been raised over why there was no sprinkler system in the tower which could have helped stop the fire spreading, or a central smoke alarm system that would have woken sleeping residents.