15 taken off missing list in China landslide


The onslaught of rocks struck the once-picturesque village in the early morning when most people would have been inside their homes.

Rescue workers have pulled more bodies out of piles of rock and mud as they searched for 93 people missing a day after the landslide buried a mountain village.

Rescuers and local residents used ropes to move a boulder while dozens of others, aided by dogs to sniff out humans, searched the rubble for survivors, according to videos posted online by the government and state broadcaster CCTV.

At least 10 people have been confirmed dead and 93 are still missing after heavy rain brought down a side of the mountain.

In 1933, 6,800 people died in landslides triggered by an quake and 2,500 more were killed when one of the landslides caused a dam to fail.

Geological experts said the chances of anyone surviving under the rubble were slim, Xinhua reported.

The dwellings were located in Xinmo village, Maoxian country, an area reportedly vulnerable to landslides, although the scale of this disaster has been described by a neighboring villager as "unprecedented".

It was not clear if the 15 had been rescued or had simply been away at the time of the disaster, Reuters said. The following images may contain content that is graphic in nature. We realised it was a landslide.

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Another three-year-old child of the family remains buried.

Photos from the official People's Daily showed rescue efforts continuing after nightfall using torches, and it said rescuers were trying to reach two people they believe they had heard trapped beneath the rubble.

Xu Zhiwen, the prefecture's deputy governor, said there had been 142 tourists visiting the village on Friday but none of them were buried.

In a smaller, second landslide, huge rocks fell onto the village. The Maoxian, or Mao county, government said earlier that six people died and 112 people were missing.

The landslide blocked a two-kilometre (one-mile) stretch of river and 1.6km of road.

Villagers are being evacuated from parts of South East China because of fears heavy rain might cause another landslide.

At least 12 people were killed in January when a landslide crushed a hotel in central Hubei province.