YouTube Reportedly Opens Up Mobile Live Streaming To The Masses


UPDATE: May 18, 2017, 4:30 p.m. UTCA previous version of this article stated YouTube livestreaming is now available to all users, which is not the case. Before, you were required to have at least 1,000 subscribers in order to "Go Live" from your smartphone, but it now looks like you can have as many as zero subscribers and still broadcast from your device. That said, mobile live streaming's launch to all YouTube users appears imminent: the company has just renamed its mobile app on iOS from "YouTube - Watch, Upload and Share Videos" to "YouTube - Watch Videos, Music, and Live Clips". Later on, the requirement dropped to 1,000 subscribers, but it was still not enough to make a considerable number of YouTubers use the mobile streaming feature.

To "Go Live" on YouTube, tap the floating action button (FAB) located in the bottom right corner of the user interface, which will provide you with an option to chose whether to record content you want to broadcast in advance or start streaming video in real time. With Android TV, Chromecast, and the YouTube TV app, users will be able to see 360-degree videos and live content on the big screen.

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"We've been experimenting and expanding mobile live streaming for nearly a year now", the spokesperson said.

YouTube isn't only making its mobile live streams more accessible; it is also giving creators new ways to monetize them. This means that the feature, which was introduced in early April, is now available to almost all registered users.