Worldwide effort set to keep Trump happy on 1st trip overseas


Riyadh is expecting the US President to make assurances that his administration will continue to crack down on the Islamic Republic and to maintain the pressure it is exerting with regards to its malign activities.

His inaugural overseas visit will be no different.

For Saudi Arabia, the most significant event is the planned Arab-Islamic-US summit, where it plans to showcase the kingdom's reach and drawing power, the Associated Press reported on the eve of Trump's departure.

Trump will also meet the new French President Emmanuel Macron.

Known to dislike long trips, the president will be joined by his wife Melania, who has until now cut a highly discreet figure at his side.

Toby Keith is getting another chance to play for President Donald Trump. The day trip marked the only time Trump has set foot in his wife's home country. Carter visited the United Kingdom in May 1977.

Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir - who has been shunned by the United States for the past decade because of International Criminal Court charges against him for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Darfur region - is among those invited.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders are anxious.

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Trump's upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia will be his first overseas trip since taking office on January 20.

The last president to take longer before traveling overseas was Lyndon B. Johnson, who waited more than 10 months after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 before visiting Canada.

Before the couple married, they flew to Slovenia so the NY real estate mogul could meet his bride-to-be's family.

Trump, who has embraced what he describes as an "America First" approach to US foreign policy and global trade, is expected to be welcomed warmly by leaders in Saudi Arabia and Israel. And, yes, President Trump is the very same person who proposed a Muslim ban during the campaign and in the past has said things that are widely perceived as being opposed to the Islamic religion. Fifteen of the 19 attackers were from Saudi Arabia.

CORNISH: Meanwhile, his stops in Europe will include a meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance in Brussels, also the G-7 in Italy.

"He's taking a different approach", the official said of Trump. The Trumps are scheduled to return to Washington on May 27.

RIYADH: The US-Saudi Arabian Business Council (USSABC) has predicted that the upcoming visit by US President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia this weekend will further boost the existing bilateral trade relations between the two countries.

The United States is close to completing a series of arms deals with Saudi Arabia totaling more than $100 billion, a senior White House official told Reuters earlier this month. But he still wants its members to pay their fair share, as he puts it - meaning that they should spend a larger share of GDP on their own national defense, as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation charter calls for.