Wonder Woman protects Steve Trevor in first clip from the movie


Warner Bros revealed a brand new Wonder Woman TV spot this week, during the U.S. broadcast of Gotham.

President of Theatre Management Associates, LLC John Shaw tweeted his thoughts and also gave his box office prediction: "Wonder Woman: exciting & entertaining in every way". Pictures, a Warner Bros.

The footage in this tease is just a condensed version of what was show in the most recent theatrical trailer, so it's nothing to get excited about unless you're just happy to see it again. We've seen parts of this clip in trailers before, but in the full context, it's a lovely bit of fun.

Then, a new poster has Wonder Woman wading into battle, deflecting bullets off her bracelets in one of her most iconic poses. Though there appears to be something else surrounding her in the obscured orange background.

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Wonder Woman opens June 2.

Nursed back to health by tribe princess Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), a romance soon blossomed between the pair, leading her to follow him back to the outside world when he returned to it. Diana's relationships with the women of Paradise Island receive the brunt of the focus in this issue, which makes it all the more impactful when she leaves her home behind.

With Wonder Woman set to be released on June 1st in a number of worldwide locations, we'll probably start hearing some reactions in two or three weeks time.