Women in 30s now having more babies than younger moms in US


That's according to the Associated Press, reporting on some preliminary new stats from the CDC which says that in 2016, it was 103 births per 100,000 women 30 to 34 versus 102 per 100,000 for women ages 25 to 29.

Although women in their 30s were found to give birth more often than women in their 20s for the first time ever, the general consensus was that the overall birth rate in the US was continuing to drop. For 30 years, women in their 20s had the higher birth rate, but it's looking like the over-30s have edged them out.

As a result, it is becoming more common to see older parents with kids in elementary and high school.

Meanwhile, more teens are growing up with fewer of their peers getting pregnant, he said.

Earlier this year, Statistics Canada estimated the average fertility rate based on 2016 census figures at 1.6 children per woman, up slightly from the record low of 1.51 in 2001.

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A separate report by the CDC released in late 2016 found that the birth rate in the USA had reached its lowest level since the government first started keeping track of the national birth rate in 1909. The data from the CDC comes from birth and death certificates processed by NCHS between 2015 and past year.

-The infant mortality rate stayed about the same. There had been a spike in the national death rate in 2015, which health officials blamed on an increase of the number of people dying from heart disease. In 2015, the heart disease death rate increased almost 1 percent, and started to go down again in 2016.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found the shift happened previous year.

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