What you should care about from Google's I/O conference


At its Google I/O 2017 developers conference, the search giant noted that the SKD, which allows for the creations of app that can be launched instantly from tapping on an URL rather than downloading and installing it on an Android device, can be harnessed by developers outside of its select partners. But, now the Autofill feature will be available for applications also.

"The Assistant is already available on more than 100 million devices and starting today, we're bringing the Google Assistant to iPhones", said a spokesperson.

All of this is a reminder, once again, that Google's importance for the music industry goes well beyond its licensed music services and the arguments about safe harbour and the "value gap". Of course, these changes will mostly be seen by Pixel and Nexus users that get stock Android, while other Android devices from Samsung and others may see a more skinned version of these emojis. Apart from the blob emojis, all the other emojis have also been redesigned and they all have a new tonal stroke around each emoji, and gradients are now used on a number of designs.

Some of the major consumer electronics companies that are now in the process of rolling out support for third-party actions on the Google Assistant include smart irrigation company Blossom, Roomba maker iRobot, and home appliances firm GE Appliances.

The new emojis will be released alongside the next Android update, which is codenamed "O". For example, Google's platform could be used to develop neural nets that are able to make more accurate diagnoses in diseases such as breast cancer, which is notoriously hard for humans to diagnose. Android Go will work on the smartphones which have less than 1 GB of memory.

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Google yesterday also released the preview 2 public beta version of Android O for developers.

In Google Photos, activating Lens will allow users to see more details about what's shown in the images. Samat mentioned YouTube as one app, but declined to name others. "That's a selling proposition that people can get excited about", Samat said. That effort fell flat after considerable pushback in countries like India.

"Part of Android's mission is to bring computing to everyone", Google said in its blog post. The calls made to the United States and Canada will be free and the users will also be able to link their mobile phones with the device.

On the hardware side of things, Google has announced that it's working with HTC and Lenovo to out standalone Daydream-powered VR headsets later this year. I'm excited about Nanoleaf since I have an Aurora, but there are more companies that have piqued my interest in the list that I might be taking a closer look at.