Watch Mark Hamill surprise unsuspecting 'Star Wars' fans for 'Force For Change'


Disney, who own the film franchise, are hosting a number of events at their parks, including special Star Wars Nights on May 5 and 6 at Disneyland Paris. The good news is, what has become "Star Wars Day" is typically crammed with all sorts of different promotions surrounding the Star Wars universe. Or herds? Or schools?

In 1977, George Lucas' Star Wars hit theaters. Star Wars Fans refer to May the 4th as Star Wars Day for the sake of using the pun, "May the 4th Be With You".

Once the Internet allowed Star Wars fans around the world to connect with one another, May the 4th soon became a grassroots tradition each year, with fans online and offline proclaiming it "Star Wars Day". What some may not know about is the celebrations that take place the day after on May 5th.

When it comes to things branded with Star Wars, there are plenty of options.

The Force Awakens took the top spot for most downloaded Star Wars movies on Google Play, followed by Rogue One, then A New Hope, then The Empire Strikes Back, and finally Return of the Jedi.

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Following the death of Carrie Fisher late a year ago, Lucasfilm issued a statement saying her character would not be digitally recreated in any future Star Wars films.

With that, we give you a video of Mark Hamill surprising fans reading lines from the movies.

May the dapper Force be with you.

As in the books, in Star Wars Rebels a central piece of Grand Admiral Thrawn's character is his careful study of his enemies - often accomplished by reviewing the art of their culture.