Wannacry ransomware: 'Regular software updates can keep threats at bay'


"It's better for [the victims] to save their money and rebuild the affected computers".

Microsoft had released a patch in March to counter WannaCrypt ransomware, the company also issued a prompt update on Friday to Windows Defender to detect the WannaCrypt attack.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has asked banks to follow the instructions of government organisation CERT-In on ransomware, which has impacted various IT networks in over 150 countries.

The Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre, a non-profit group providing support in computer attacks, said 2,000 computers at 600 locations in Japan were reported affected.

This globetrotting "ransomware", reportedly stolen in April from the NSA's stockpile of cyberweapons, spreads via e-mail, exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft operating systems to encrypt users' files and lock them out of their computers.

Prabir Sarkar, CEO of OfficeExtract, a local distributor of Kaspersky Lab, said, "We have so far received complaints from five types of medium enterprises in the country".

Computers and networks that hadn't recently updated their systems are still at risk because the ransomware is lurking. "The intelligence community should develop strong procedures that when such tools leak, they immediately give relevant information to software developers and security vendors so protections can be developed before attacks are seen in the wild".

Ransomware attacks do not necessarily involve unauthorized acquisition or access to the data by the attacker, but they may nonetheless warrant consideration for legal notifications to law enforcement and regulators, or notice to business partners or customers as may be required under contract.

Users should regularly back up their data and ensure that security updates are installed on your computer as soon as they are released.

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A Cybercpace Administration of China official said on Monday, that although the virus is still spreading, it has slowed.

Reports say new variants of WannaCrypt have appeared that do not have this kill switch.

"To protect your computer from such malicious malwares, one should be aware of the security measures and install all necessary updates", Dinesh Yadav, superintendent of police (city), said in a press note. Using macOS's time Machine or Backup and Restore in Windows you can store a full system backup.

A FedEx spokesperson confirmed to ABC News that it was among the victims of the attack. Many have single-task PCs scattered around the building that hardly attract a moment's notice, let alone regular security updates.

For individuals, Goldstuck said: "You can not delay software updates to save data".

"The governments of the world should treat this attack as a wake-up call", Smith said. "They're just a huge organisation which has had insufficient investment in computer security over the years".

Microsoft's chief legal officer and President Brad Smith has called on governments around the world to treat the global cyber attack as a "wake-up call" and has blamed the US for the effects.

Basic protocol such as stressing that workers shouldn't click on questionable links or open suspicious attachments can save headaches.