Wannacry crisis: hits over 40000 Indian computers


The ransomware has affected over 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries. If a more recent version of Windows is running on the computer and it stays up-to-date, it should not be vulnerable to the current attack or WannaCry.

On Monday, senior administration officials defended the government's handling of software flaws, without confirming the NSA link to WannaCry, the tool used in the global ransomware attack.

"As a result, cybercriminals will continue their activity and look for new ways to exploit systems that result in more infections and more money in their accounts", Europol said in a statement.

Above-mentioned units are asked to closely watch out and prevent WannaCry from connecting to the servers as well as update the protection systems such as IDS/IPS, Firewall.

Lieu, who noted on his Web site that he is "one of only four computer science majors serving in Congress", supports changing the vulnerabilities equities process (VEP) to ensure greater transparency in how the federal government notifies software companies about bugs it identifies.

Bitdefender claims that it has blocked WannaCry from the beginning.

CERT-In has issued list of dos and don'ts and webcast on how to protect networks from the global ransomware attack. "It all boils down to good operational practices", he said.

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The ransomware has paralysed the online payment systems at some petrol stations across China since Friday, and also invaded some colleges encrypting papers and other documents.

"The Indian IT industry should be better placed than others (in handling the situation)".

"We have seen vulnerabilities stored by the CIA show up on WikiLeaks, and now this vulnerability stolen from the U.S. military intelligence organisation National Security Agency (NSA) has affected customers around the world", Smith wrote in the blog. Microsoft did release a patch for the vulnerability in March but computers and networks that didn't update their systems were still at risk.

"When you are talking about patching with large corporations, it's not a question of do we patch or do we not patch", said John Miller, head of Threat Intelligence at security firm FireEye.

A multi-agency monitoring team is continuously assessing the situation round the clock, IT Secretary Aruna Sundararajan said on the margins of a Broadband India Forum event.

Sunnyvale-based security firm ProofPoint says one of its employees in France first noticed WannaCry's digital "signature" matched up with the purported NSA code leaked by the Shadow Brokers.