Virat Kohli Plays Down India vs Pakistan Game Hype


From a mindset point of view, it made me realize that you can not do everything in every game. I don't know why things are built up as matters of life and death for sub-continental cricketers. "Winning for India is the only thing that matters and I am exclusively focused on it". "I believe in giving my best for the team, wherever I might be playing and against whichever team", he added. "In my head I don't think of those things", he said. Alarmed by the statistics published about the state of children's health in our country, the Indian cricket captain is appealing to children to play more and have more fun by joining Stepathlon Kids, which will launch in November. This year, India will start the campaign with a game against Pakistan on June 4th. It makes the India vs Pakistan affair a high-octane encounter.

"With all due respect I mean whatever else is going on around an issue, as a cricketer you can not even think of your partner at the non striker's end while facing a ball so forget thinking about things that are not in anyway in your control". The great Indian Cricket team Captain says. That feeling never changes.

Kohli said he would personally like to improve as a batsman in the longer format of the game away from home.

Kohli in strong words, said that his team treats a game against Pakistan in par with other teams. Kohli stressed that hype created around the game is not in their control but he mentioned it will not bother them.

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"We prepare the same way for every other game", he insisted.

There are no special tactics or strategies planned as per the skipper. But because you want to succeed everywhere that you play, it motivates you even further to come back and do particularly well in those places you haven't done well. Yes you need to have passion but you can't be too emotional for one side. It does not matter where you play, the aim is to win matches.

"After the kind of season we've had, after a tournament like that, it teaches you about yourself as a person at a few levels", Kohli told reporters in Mumbai on Wednesday as India prepared to depart for the United Kingdom for their Champions Trophy defence.