Up to 36 million Android smartphones may be infected with this malware


According to Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity company Check Point, the apps have been available in Google's Play Store for years, though the length of infection hasn't been determined.

Dozens of apps have been removed from the Google Play Store after Check Point, a cyber security firm, discovered they were infected with Malware. By the looks of things, Judy-branded apps simply wanted a consistent fraudulent ad revenue stream, since Check Point wasn't able to find evidence that private data was compromised among infected Android devices.

Numerous apps, 41 in total, have been available for several years and have been downloaded anywhere between 8.5 million and 36.5 million times. The Android devices are being used without the person knowing about it. All of this happens behind the scenes, and the malicious coding is not in the app itself. This was how Judy was able to bypass Bounce, Google Play's protection system.

The company that is behind the various Judy games that are on Google Play Store is called Kiniwini.

Judy, which gets its name from the central character of the Kiniwini app franchise, is a piece of malware that essentially takes over your device to click on ads in websites developed by the same creators to make fake revenue on them.

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Check Point have dubbed the malware "Judy" and it is believed to have generated thousands of fraudulent clicks with owners making money from each click.

On Thursday, Check Point revealed it had found a new malware campaign plaguing Android devices. Another app that has Judy malware installed in it is the Dog Music Relax app. You also should check up on the company of the game or app you want to download, and see if the company is reputable.

There are a few other apps that have Judy malware on them that are not associated with this developer. If you have any Judy games installed, you should immediately uninstall them.

It is also a good idea to install some virus protection or anti-malware protection on your Android device. You should never download apps from third-party app stores either.

The best thing to do is uninstall any app or game from this Korean company, with a lot of them being a game about Judy.