Unsuspecting Walmart customer takes down startled deer


Stephanie Koljonen posted a photo to Facebook showing the man holding the young buck on the floor of the Walmart in Wadena after it wandered into the store and started causing chaos Tuesday night.

"Walmart shoppers in Wadena got a real sense of the outdoors Tuesday night when a deer strolled into the store".

"Once the deer was down, he held it softly and asked for a shirt to cover its eyes to keep it calm", Koljonen said. "We rushed to help and that's when we saw a deer was on the loose.' Koljonen says a fellow shopper swooped in and corralled the deer, gently holding it and covering its eyes so it wouldn't be spooked".

Tom Grasswick, who happens to live in Deer Creek, told WDAY-TV (http://bit.ly/2q0NvFz ) that he felt like someone had slugged him when the deer slammed into him.

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Grasswick said the uninjured deer was eventually released outside.

Mr Grasswick said his first instinct was to tackle the animal, bringing it down on a pallet of dog food.

He said that the deer came in through the motion-activated garden door and just 'walked down the aisle'. It was later carried outside and freed, according to the police, who added that neither the deer nor its human rescuers appeared hurt in the commotion.