Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 in the US getting updated to Android 7.0


The modified version has recently passed through FCC certification, hinting its imminent relaunch in the market. While Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint customers have been enjoying their infinity displays for weeks, the rest of us have been patiently waiting for unlocked models to hit shelves so we can avoid carrier contracts, er, financing plans.

This is in line with what BGR has previously reported.

REUTERS/Kim Hong-JiSamsung Electronics' Galaxy S8 smartphone is displayed during a media event in Seoul, South Korea, April 13, 2017. The refurbished unit will be sold at around 700,000 won (~$620) - still expensive but still about $200 cheaper than its original price.

There are plenty of questions surrounding the Galaxy Note 8.

Also note that the iPhone 7 camera uses a similar algorithm to that of Galaxy S8's image processing where the device gets several shots and blends them to get the most detail for the best possible result.

It could have been a great device if only the whole fiasco did not happen. As per a Chinese source, the first Samsung smartphone to feature the dual-lens rear camera setup will be the Galaxy C10.

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Samsung's 2016 phablet flagship was and is a handsome device. Now the re-launch version known as Note 7R has received certification, and now the smartphone has been spotted on Geekbench.

The Samsung Galaxy S8's killer feature is its display. Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 comes loaded with 64-bit octa-core Kyro 260 CPU clocked at 2.2GHz and has 30 percent improved Adreno 512 GPU. Unfortunately, it had to be discontinued. And this year's Galaxy Note 8 seems certain to carry on that tradition.

The Galaxy S8 builds on Samsung's heritage of creating stunning designs and functional devices. According to the Verge, this new flagship phone will launch this summer.

Estimates say the Galaxy Note 7 recall and discontinuation cost the company around $5 billion. This means that the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime has everything to offer for customers with a limited budget, Gadget Hacks reported. The only down-size to buying unlocked smartphones is the price-tag, since people will be paying for the entire device as opposed to the rental charges that are usually entertained in the US. Devices are being shipping on May 31st and will be available in Best Buy retail stores the same date.

In addition to ensuring that you receive the fix service, Fleischer said Samsung will conduct multiple tests with every phone fix for SMC clients.