United States stonewalls on climate change


On Saturday, Trump said on his Twitter account that he would make a final decision on his country's permanence in or withdrawal from the Paris Agreement next week.

The Paris Agreement sets out to keep the average rise in global temperatures below 2 C. In 2017, the U.S.is the world's second-largest carbon emitter.

After sitting down with two dozen climate scientists and analyzing a computer model of the potential scenario, The Associated Press found that a lack of USA participation in the Paris Agreement would make it more hard to stop Earth from crossing into a unsafe temperature threshold. In an attempt to understand the repercussions of the US backing out from the deal, The Associate Press reportedly consulted with several climate scientists and examined a special computer model scenario to see what could be the potential effects.

Before heading to NATO, Trump criticized Germany's trade surplus in a private meeting with senior European Union officials.

But a communique released by G7 leaders meeting in Taormina, Sicily, made clear they have been unsuccessful thus far.

The United States is among the 147 countries and parties that have ratified the agreement but President Donald Trump has voiced concerns that the deal signed by the previous U.S. administration could harm the USA economy. A White House spokesperson said the president has not yet made a decision, but will do so this week. He also knows that many major US corporations, including many fossil-fuel players, are urging him to stay. One interesting note was that Mr. Trump seemed to argue for more spending in a GOP health plan that is now before the Senate.

"One of the topics that they discussed, of course, was the Presidents upcoming decision on the Paris Climate Accords", White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters at his daily news conference.

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The UN chief said he meant to convene a summit in 2019 to review progress on implementing the Paris accord.

There will also be a global stocktaking every five years to assess the collective progress towards achieving the goal of the Agreement and to inform further individual actions by Parties. Even major oil firms like Chevron and ExxonMobil back it.

Italian newspapers noted the disappointment of Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni in his efforts to get US backing for a new partnership between G-7 nations and Africa involving aid and investment in a bid to stem the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean. So what if Trump pulls out of the Paris climate accord?

Even with the CPP, analysts say the US was set to fall short of the Paris goals, as persistent investment in natural gas infrastructure would likely inhibit deep power sector decarbonization.

The secretary-general announced that he intends to hold a climate summit in 2019 to review implementation of the Paris Agreement.

"The falling cost of renewables is one of the most encouraging stories on the planet today", he said adding that in the United States and China, new renewable energy jobs now outstrip those created in the oil and gas industries.