Underground factory producing fake Budweiser busted


If you recently ordered a can of Budweiser beer at a bar in China, did it taste a bit off?

Instead of the original stuff, you may just end up with a good-looking counterfeit.

The report shown on Hunan Economic Television shows women clearing old Budweiser cans from a cardboard box and then dumping them into a plastic container to refill them with beer. Once filled, the cans are sent down a conveyor belt to get sealed by an automated machine.

The undergound factory was said to have produced 600,000 crates of fake Budweiser a month.

Then some officials in uniform appear in the picture, suggesting that the factory was being raided.

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Video footage showing the manufacture of fake beer in China has gone viral on popular instant messaging app WeChat.

Netizens pointed out that the knockoffs looked so real that one could barely tell the difference.

It's unknown where these counterfeit beer cans were sold, but previous busts indicate that the beers were mostly bought by night clubs, bars and KTV parlours. The footages were shot at underground factory in Dongguan, China, before it was raided by the authorities on May 5.

Budweiser, which stated that it has not franchised its operations to a third party, had already filed complaints and is now seeking legal action.

The company will fully cooperate with authorities for investigations, it said, adding that consumer safety and product quality are always its priorities.