UK's Conservatives to support shale energy, cap household energy tariffs


But she later denied that his manifesto was a recasting of conservatism in the image of her political philosophy as she insisted "there is no Mayism".

She brushed aside questions about whether she was a Thatcherite, saying: "Thatcher was a Conservative, I am a Conservative and this manifesto is Conservative".

"The negotiations will undoubtedly be tough, and there will be give and take on both sides, but we continue to believe that no deal is better than a bad deal for the United Kingdom", the manifesto reads.

Both Labour and the Green party announced plans to ban fracking in their respective manifestos, but the Conservatives have committed to develop its use in Britain "if we maintain public confidence in the process, if we uphold our rigorous environmental protections, and if we ensure the proceeds of the wealth generated by shale energy are shared with the communities affected". We reject the cult of individualism.

Launching the party manifesto, she also reiterated a pledge to allow new grammar schools to be created, just days after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he would block them and described the idea as a vanity project. We abhor social division, injustice, unfairness and inequality. "There is good solid conservatism which puts the interests of the country and the interests of ordinary working people at the heart of everything we do in government".

Other pension promises from the Conservatives include, a commitment to bring the self-employed into auto-enrolment and more powers for the Pension Regulator to protect workplace savings scheme.

The vow will be music to the ears of groups such as Church Response for Refugees and the Salvation Army who are already working to resettle refugee families with faith groups.

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The manifesto promises more money for schools, paid for by replacing free lunches for all children during their first three years at primary school, with free breakfasts.

"We must take this opportunity to build a great meritocracy in Britain".

To the irritation of some conservative evangelicals, the Conservatives also promise to "strengthen the enforcement of equalities law" and say landlords and businesses who deny services on the basis of "ethnicity, religion or gender" will be "properly investigated and prosecuted".

Continuing on the theme of integration it goes on to say "extremism, especially Islamist extremism, strips some British people, especially women, of the freedoms they should enjoy, undermines the cohesion of our society and can fuel violence".

May smiled as one journalist asked her if she was proud of her new monicker (nickname), the Red Tory, a reference to the brand color of the Labour Party.

Beyond that there are the expected commitments to "expand our global efforts to combat extremism, terror, and the perpetration of violence against people due to their faith, gender or sexuality" and to tackle "hate crime committed on the basis of religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity".