Ukraine bans American actor Steven Seagal for 5 years


Hollywood actor Steven Seagal has been barred from the Ukraine and blacklisted as a national security threat for five years following his conversion to Russian citizenship.

SBU officials said in a statement: "A decision concerning an entry ban is taken if there is enough information about a person committing a socially risky act that contradicts the interests of Ukraine's security protection irrespective of a territory where it was committed".

The U.S. Congress has approved the 2017 consolidated appropriations act allotting at least $560 million of assistance to Ukraine, the Ukrainian embassy to the United States has said.

In November past year, Seagal, 65, was personally handed a Russian passport by the country's president and the pair also shook hands.

Perhaps the Ukranian government didn't want to admit that they are denying Seagal entry after hearing his embarrassing dad blues song "Talk to My Ass."

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Russia's annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 sparked the biggest crisis between Moscow and the West since the Cold War and tensions remain high in the region. Ukraine probably just doesn't want him getting drunk and peeing all over the place, though. News of Seagal's banishment was confirmed by the Ukrainian security service, the Guardian reported.

Seagal, the star of the 1992 movie "Under Siege", along with "Kill Switch", "Out for a Kill" and "Driven to Kill", was granted citizenship by Russian Federation in November and was personally handed a passport by Putin.

In 2015, Seagal was included on a proposed banned list with other foreign actors such as France's Gérard Depardieu (who was later banned).

The actor has previously expressed his admiration for the Russian leader, once suggesting that Putin is possibly "the greatest world leader alive today".

Samoilova plans to hold another concert in the peninsula when the competition is held in Kiev on 13 May.