Tulsa police officer acquitted in death of unarmed black man


Shelby maintained Crutcher did not listen to her commands to get on his knees; she said she shot him out of fear for her safety. "I have four grandchildren that are home now without their daddy." said Terence Crutcher's father continued by saying that he believes Shelby got away with murder.

At least four of the 12 jurors, which comprised eight women and four men and included three African-Americans, were reported crying when they left the courthouse.

Shelby told the jury that she was taught during training that if a suspect reaches into an area like a auto, an officer does not let them pull their arm back because they might be holding a gun, the Tulsa World reported from the court room.

Ready to get back to her life at the cost of an innocent man's? The trial of his shooter, former police officer Betty Jo Shelby, began on May 8.

Shes been on unpaid leave since she was charged September 22.

Dash cam footage, as well as video taken from a police helicopter overhead, show Crutcher walking toward his SUV with his back to the officers and his hands in the air.

They also argued that if Shelby waited to shoot, he could have theoretically killed her.

They said the DA uses law enforcement in court, but criticizes them, failing to educate the jury on what police officers do, that the jury couldn't judge on their own. And these are officers who are paid to serve and protect us.

The rest of the family expressed their disappointment in the verdict even going as far as to call the police "corrupt".

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The not guilty verdict led to a demonstration outside the Tulsa courthouse, as protesters chanted "Hands up, don't shoot!" and "Not justice, no peace!"

Shelby looked stone-faced when the verdict was read, but Crutcher's family was quickly ushered out of the courtroom sobbing and wailing.

Demonstrators later marched to the Mayo Hotel where Shelby was believed to be staying.

"Betty Shelby murdered my brother", Tiffany Crutcher, center, said after officer Shelby was acquitted in the death of Terence Crutcher.

The jury deliberated for more than nine hours. Prosecutors asserted that Crutcher posed no threat to Shelby, nor was he behaving in an aggressive or unhinged manner. "But there's still a family that's been greatly affected, and that's the Crutchers ... just because our member here has been found to be not guilty, it in no way diminishes our heartfelt sympathy to that family".

Jerad Lindsey, chairman of Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police, said the jury made the right verdict, but that it didn't change the fact that Crutcher's death was tragic.

The Oklahoma governor, republican Mary Fallin, released a statement after the decision was announced.

A second attorney, Benjamin Crump said, "They treated him like a criminal".

After two days of jury selection and several days of testimony, the jurors heard closing arguments to Wednesday morning. "We need better training for police officers!"