Trump visit draws country singer Toby Keith to Saudi Arabia


Prince Al-Jubeir stressed that the Kingdom supports the role of Washington in the fight against ISIS, and noted his country's satisfaction that "President Trump was clear in calling for Iran to comply with United Nations resolutions". Given Trump's shifting positions, Europe watchers say, leaders of countries in the alliance are concerned he could shift his position again in a way that is at cross purposes with their interests.

"Saudi Arabia agrees with the USA administration's view in relation to the role of the United States in the world and in relation to uprooting terrorism", he added, referring to the hardline Daesh (the so-called IS) group and Al-Qaeda.

But for Riyadh, analysts say, a primary goal is to showcase its leadership of the Muslim world, especially in the face of regional rival Iran.

Saudi Arabia will be Trump's initial stop on his first global trip as president, signifying the new USA administration's intent to reinforce its relationship with a top ally in the Middle East, particularly on security matters. Senior administration officials have also criticized Iran's support for Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, its ballistic missile activities and backing for militant groups in the region.

Saudi Arabia will use the opportunity of this gathering to increase cooperation with countries opposing Daesh, Jubeir said. Israel was in an uproar earlier this week after US officials confirmed Trump shared highly classified intelligence about the Islamic State group with senior Russian officials visiting the White House.

Turkey's foreign minister said Turkey would continue to fight Syrian Kurdish militants, who are a key ally of the United States against the Islamic State group, while suggesting the sacking of top US envoy in the.

CORNISH: So how likely is it that these issues that have been hanging over the president all week - we mentioned the Comey firing, reportedly giving classified information to the Russians and now the naming of a special counsel. Relations between the United States and the kingdom were rather fraught when the Obama administration was in place.

Sunday's Arab Islamic American Summit will tackle means of fighting terrorism and extremism; improving living standards in the Muslim world; and strengthening the economies of participant countries.

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Trump has yet to personally reassert the United States commitment to Article 5, NATO's mutual defense clause.

Jubeir also said this summit with U.S. is going to "open a new page" in terms of western countries' dialogue with Muslim countries. He has not said who he voted for in the 2016 presidential election.

Writing in Al-Watan daily - in a translation made available by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) - Ali Sa'd Al-Moussa, an academic and writer, began with a scathing attack upon former President Barack Obama, whom he described as "infamous", arguing that he had never delivered on any of his promises. Trump and many officials in his administration agree that the nuclear deal is badly-drawn up and that Iran is playing a very risky role in the Syrian civil war.

"This historic summit", he said, "will establish new partnerships against extremism and promote the twin values of tolerance and coexistence".

However, in the next few days President Trump will be in Saudi Arabia and it is expected that he will be better received than his predecessor.

Given Mr Trump's contradictory statements about Muslims leading up to his election last November, this summit will be an important chance for the new president to hear about the perspectives from the Muslim world about the challenges facing the worldwide community.

The president is taking that message to Saudi Arabia, the biggest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world, and will urge the monarchy there to tackle the evils of radical Islam head on.