Trump pays somber tribute to fallen troops on Memorial Day


Prior to the remarks, the president also placed a memorial wreath of red, white and blue roses at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

"For me it's made Memorial Day all the more personal and meaningful to know that these men and women were not just names, but family and friends to people such as ourselves from big cities to small towns and villages across the nation", he said.

Trump called on Americans to look into the eyes of people who had lost loved ones in the military and thank them for their sacrifice. Byers was honored by President Donald Trump on Memorial Day, 2017. "At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them", he began his remarks, which were followed by President Trump.

With their families in attendance, Trump told the stories of three service members killed in the war in Afghanistan, where he said they were fighting "enemies of all civilizations".

Secretary Kelly's other son, Johnny, is getting ready for his fifth military deployment. OnNovember 3rd, he was one of 10 Special Forces operators to land by helicopter near a Taliban safe haven in northern Afghanistan.

"There's something special about remembering", Collins said, saying that action brings the fallen back into the hearts and minds of those remembering, allowing their legacy to continue despite the years since they lived.

Here at this hallowed shrine, we honor the noblest among us - the men and women who paid the ultimate price for victory and for freedom.

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Others questioned whether the US president remembered the words correctly as he appeared to sing along with portions of the song. He attended the ceremony along with his wife, Elizabeth Dole, also a former US senator.

SIEGEL: And the president talked about Green Beret captain Andrew Byers, who was killed last November while rescuing an Afghan soldier.

She said she wanted "just to be here and take advantage of the handsome ceremony they had today and honor the fallen heroes".

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis quoted Robert L. Binyon's poem written during World War 1. Addressing Horton's weeping widow, Trump added, "Jane, America grieves with you".

"To every Gold Star family, God is with you". "They were people who stood for something larger than themselves", he said.

Trump also singled out for special mention Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. "We do not know where they came from, who they left behind, or what they hoped to be, but we do know what they did".

No matter your politics, if your family has given the most they can for this country, a visit and a hug from the commander in chief is a meaningful act, and a small way to say "thank you".