Trump denies telling Comey to back off, bashes former Federal Bureau of Investigation director


The Russian president dismissed reports that Trump shared classified intelligence with Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered to give a transcript of White House talks between his foreign minister and Donald Trump to Congress to prove that the United States president didn't give away secrets.

Ushakov said "any contacts" with the US president are "important" but he would not reply to the question whether the classified information that Trump reportedly shared with Lavrov and Kislyak was valuable for Russian Federation.

Putin also jokingly said he would "reprimand" Lavrov for not sharing the secrets with the president and Russian intelligence service.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Mr Trump did not pass over secrets and dismissed the scandal as "political schizophrenia". "I can not explain differently such accusations against the current president claiming he revealed some secrets to Lavrov".

The FBI is also investigating the Trump campaign's ties to Russian Federation, which many believe to be the reason Trump fired FBI Director James Comey last week. A day later, the Times reported that Trump's transition team knew Flynn was under federal investigation before appointing him National Security Adviser.

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If Trump does have taped conversations with Comey, they may well end up as part of an investigation into whether he fired Comey because he wouldn't end the Russia-related investigations.

A pair of Senate committees, meanwhile, wants more information about Comey's interaction with President Trump.

The commotion around Trump's statements on Flynn has somewhat obscured his no less chilling request that Comey jail journalists for publishing information based on leaks - something that has never happened in the history of this country.

It was Trump's first time taking questions since his Justice Department named a special counsel to probe Russia's involvement in the 2016 election.

Trump on Tuesday defended an apparent decision to share intelligence information with Russian Federation just hours after his surrogates flatly denied the disclosures.

Putin said said he could give Congress the transcripts of Trump's conversation with Lavrov.