Trump close to making Federal Bureau of Investigation choice, ex-Sen. Lieberman on list


Joe Lieberman may have a reputation that can help Donald Trump out of a jam - but he also may have a conflict of interest that gets in the way, namely his work for a Trump-connected law firm.

Joe Lieberman endorsed Howard Dean over John Kerry in the 2004 presidential primary. The White House says President Donald Trump was to interview four potential candidates to l. Trump said "soon" when asked how close he is to making an announcement.

Trump leaves Friday afternoon on his first overseas trip as president, a four-country, five-stop tour that will keep him out of Washington for more than a week.

Blumenthal said the next director could be "a career prosecutor with a distinguished background - not just any prosecutor".

Asked whether the 75-year-old was a frontrunner, Trump responded "yes" - confirming Lieberman's surprise candidacy.

President Donald Trump greets Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos as he arrives at the the White House in Washington, Thursday, May, 18th, 2017.

The scene was reminiscent of Trump's very public search for a vice president and his transition period, when potential Cabinet picks were paraded through the lobby of Trump Tower in NY.

Other Democrats during the committee meeting applauded the selection of Robert S. Mueller III as the special counsel for the Russian Federation investigation, but they said it doesn't mean they're dropping their own inquiry.

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There was no word on what that record might entail, a question many were likely to raise in light of Trump's recent warning to Comey that he had "better hope" there were no tapes of a discussion they'd had.

Joe Lieberman is also raising eyebrows as a proponent of criminal investigations of media outlets that publish classified information stemming from illegal hacking. But the Texas senator withdrew from consideration after a number of his colleagues said they believed Trump should shy away from picking a GOP politician. Mr Flynn has figured prominently in the FBI investigation into Russian interference into the election.

The idea of naming Lieberman to the post is being met with praise by Republicans. Lieberman testified in support of Sessions at his January confirmation hearing. In 2000, he was Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore's running mate.

His friends say he took a hard right turn after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and his support of Republican George W. Bush's entrance into the Iraq War led to a challenge from Greenwich anti-war activist Ned Lamont in the 2006 U.S. Senate primary.

Lieberman spoke at the 2008 Republican National Convention on behalf of his friend, Arizona Sen. John McCain and Lindsey Graham is the Democratic base's equivalent of a Tea Party candidate hosting a Planned Parenthood fundraiser. He has served as co-chairman of No Labels, a centrist group that promotes bipartisanship.

Most well-known for the eight years (1995 to 2003) he served as Oklahoma's governor, Keating also has spent some time in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Frank Keating, a well-known Republican, the Wall Street Journal reports.

"I think the process is going to go quickly".