Trump Announces 'Fast' Replacement for Sacked FBI Director


Friday, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Comey relayed to him at the time that Trump asked for the dinner - and that it made the FBI director "uneasy", concerned as he was about appearing to compromise the bureau's integrity. To make the story very short, when Trump realized the news media was not buying his explanation (only he seems to not understand that his continuous lying about everything has given him zero credibility about anything), he arranged an interview himself with NBC News anchor Lester Holt.

"I think loyalty to the country, loyalty to the United States is important", Trump said.

It was the headline and story below Trump's letter that has kept me very busy all week: President Lands a Punch, and Many Hear Echoes of Watergate.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said her answers "went off that information that I had when I answered your question".

That contradicted the White House's assertions - and even the widely-disseminated termination letter Trump sent Comey - that the dismissal was based on the recommendations of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who cited Comey's handling of the email investigation into Hillary Clinton past year.

That investigation helped elect Trump, and he had exploited it throughout the 2016 presidential campaign.

They are among almost a dozen candidates Trump is considering to succeed ousted FBI Director James Comey.

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Others have pointed out that Comey was the man leading the FBI investigation into alleged links between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation.

But according to liberal HBO host Bill Maher, the entire Comey scandal - and the heat Trump has taken since the firing - would have never happened if it weren't for former President Bill Clinton.

"Let them do it", Trump said.

At Friday afternoon's White House press briefing, press secretary Sean Spicer did not rule out the possibility of their cancellation.

Trump fired Comey on Tuesday after what White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders described as months of rising frustration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation director, dating back to Trump's election. He also, like Nixon, has grown increasingly isolated in the White House, recently relying on only a small circle of family members and loyal advisers while livid about the West Wing's failing efforts to get ahead of the damaging Russian Federation story, according to several people close to Trump. McCabe testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this week. "You know, it depends on how you define loyalty, No. 1; No. 2, I don't know how it got out there because I didn't ask that question". "He made a recommendation, but regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey".

The source also contradicted Trump's claims that Comey requested a dinner with the president, saying, "it is absolutely untrue that Jim asked to have dinner or that he asked to have his job". And no, it wasn't about the Clinton email investigation after all. The White House first said this week that Trump made the move because of a negative memo about Comey from the Justice Department, only to have the president later say he made the decision before seeing the memo. But he called Trump's tweet "inappropriate". White-collar defense attorney Alice Fisher interviewed for about 90 minutes with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein.