This Is What Happens If President Donald Trump Actually Gets Impeached


A top Democratic House member on Wednesday warned of the rush to call for President Trump's impeachment as the "most extraordinary remedy" but recommended an independent commission to examine Trump campaign's ties to Russian Federation during the election. And the 25th Amendment gives it the power to remove a president who is deemed by the vice president and Cabinet officials to be "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office". Rather, as the great expositor of impeachment - and the Constitution - Alexander Hamilton said, 'We move to impeachment because of the misconduct of public men, the violation of some public trust, and these relate to injuries done to society itself.' And we have certainly seen at least probable cause of that, if not proof of that, as yet. "We're talking about a president who fired the Federal Bureau of Investigation director who was investigating the president for his connections to Russian involvement in the president's election".

Even McCain himself said that Trump's scandals have reached a "Watergate size and scale" while he was speaking at the International Republican Institute on Tuesday night.

"Look at the extraordinary circumstances that have led up to today".

"I get it on the issues, but that doesn't mean he has to create such chaos in the White House and such confusion in the minds of the American people", Coffman said.

Coffman said that ultimately what the "American people need to see is a President that is not impulsive, a President that is not emotional, a President that is thoughtful and deliberative". "Instead, he appears to have minimized any oversight whatsoever".

Weaver worries a President Pence would also be more adept at pushing forward conservative legislation. Two were impeached by the House of Representatives but ultimately acquitted in the US Senate: Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998.

The House voted 228 to 206 in favour of impeaching President Clinton for the first charge, and 221 to 212 on the second. There are years of this administration in front of us, but the impeachment process would seem like an eternity in the Trump era if the current pace of news keeps up.

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"Whether or not, in this moment of trial, the Senate is able to rise above partisanship and achieve statesmanship again, history will judge us", Schumer said.

Green had already called for Trump's impeachment, following a separate revelation that Trump shared highly classified information with the Russians last week in the Oval Office.

"And I'm sure we're going to want to hear from Mr. Comey about why, if this happened as he allegedly describes, why didn't he take action at the time?"

"This is what I expected", said Jeff Klusmeier, an insurance agent in Louisville, Kentucky.

The vast majority of Republicans have remained loyal to President Trump despite his approval ratings dropping to ever increasing lows.

But while the President might welcome the opportunity to stand on the world stage, critics are nervous about the "homebody" who is known for his unscripted press conferences, off-the-cuff tweets and unorthodox approach to briefings, visiting some of the most diplomatically and culturally sensitive sites in the world.

It simply means the House of Representatives will bring charges against the president, he said a day after the New York Times reported that it found a memo in which the sacked FBI Director James Comey said that he was asked by Trump to stop Flynn's investigations. "We need the facts".