Theresa May 'more in touch' than Nicola Sturgeon, says Ruth Davidson


Maybe we are simply discovering that voters in Scotland are just not so keen on voting for the SNP in local elections - as was the case for Westminster elections until the party's 2015 success.

But a recent surge in support for the Scottish Conservatives could make that success hard to repeat.

Although it marked the first time that the SNP had managed to outpoll Labour in local elections, the outcome of those elections was, in truth, widely regarded as something as a disappointment for the nationalists.

Labour has been in power in Glasgow since 1980, but as its vote slumped in the Scottish council elections, the party lost the majority it had in Glasgow.

Describing the results as a "clear and emphatic victory for the SNP", Ms Sturgeon said: "SNP councillors and SNP councils will put their communities and the people of Scotland first".

"For the next few years, perhaps more than ever before, Scotland needs strong voices to stand up and make our voice heard".

The Tory leader will call for a "Herculean" effort from her party as she presents herself as the opposition to SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, saying many are "looking for somebody to stand up" to her.

"The SNP ended up with pretty much the same number of councillors as they had in 2012", he said.

We have more votes, more seats and are in the driving seat of more councils than any other party.

"And it was in the north-east where the Conservatives - whose tally was up by 12 points across Scotland as a whole, enough to put them five points ahead of Labour - registered their biggest advances".

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"So we've seen a huge resurgence and there are people out there that want to see that fightback against the SNP and they know now that it's the Scottish Conservatives that are going to lead it".

A total of 1,227 councillors are being elected across the 32 councils.

In retrospect, Nicola Sturgeon pushing for a second independence referendum when she did has turned out to be an absolute gift for her bitterest foes.

Nuttall said he expected a revival of the Eurosceptic party's fortunes when the hard realities of the Brexit negotiations become clear and May was forced to make concessions over the terms of the UK's departure from the EU.

In four constituencies - Midlothian, Airdrie and Shotts, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, and Glasgow South West - Labour was within one percentage point of the SNP in the top-ranked candidate votes in last Thursday's local government elections.

"SNP win local election in Scotland", declared a press release shortly before 6pm yesterday.

"It's between a Scottish National Party that will to take us back to more division and instability, and a Scottish Conservative party that will fight against another referendum so we can all move on together".

North Ayrshire is a hung council with SNP and Labour having 11 seats each. There have been boundary changes since the last vote.

She said: "Across Scotland, it's a two-horse race".