Texas House set to pass 'bathroom bill' targeting public schools


"This is not about a class of children or transgender children", Paddie said, adding that the language prevents a school from disclosing intimate details about a student.

"No amount of discrimination is acceptable", Equality Texas said in a statement Sunday night. "We'll just have to see what happens". "It could be because you are transgender or you are shy". Following a whirlwind weekend in the Texas Legislature that pushed abortion restrictions, religious objections and a so-called "bathroom bill" toward the desk of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, tired Democrats are sounding a familiar warning: We'll see you in court.

The conservative and moderate wings of the Texas GOP have spent months fighting over a proposal to ban people from using public bathrooms that don't correspond to the gender listed on their birth certificates. Companies and entertainers boycotted the state, leading it to lose $3.67 billion in business, according to an Associated Press analysis. After numerous entertainers and sports associations canceled major events in the state, North Carolina lawmakers repealed the bill in March.

Supporters described limiting the scope to schools as "middle ground" and hinted that it could soften the kinds of costly boycotts that hit North Carolina after it approved its bathroom bill a year ago.

"I would think it's unprecedented that this many actions by the Legislature will be contested in court", said state Rep. Chris Turner, the Democratic leader in the Texas House of Representatives.

The House passed a bill Monday allowing high school students who fail one or two standardized tests to take an alternative route to graduation. This year, the Trump administration rescinded the guidance. They said the restrictions imperil transgender youth, who are often vulnerable to harassment and bullying. When Barack Obama was still president, the U.S. Department of Education tried to implement requirements that school districts nationwide allow transgender students to choose campus bathrooms or locker rooms they wished to use.

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Joanna Smith says her 7-year-old transgender son would be ashamed to be outed. "Because that is what this law says he has to do", said Ann Elder as she held up a photo of her transgender son. 'Some people don't want to admit that.

She plans to pull him out of school if the bill becomes law.

Currently, each school and school district determines how to handle students whose birth genders are secret. Republican Representative Jason Villalba from Dallas says he was initially opposed to the bathroom bill but last night chose to vote for it.

The bill likely to make the most movement on the school funding formula is Senate Bill 2144, which would create a 15-member commission to study how best to change or rewrite the state's school funding formula before the 2019 session.

Moody countered by stating that transgender students tend to be the victims of bullying and sex crimes in bathrooms, not perpetrators, to which Paddie remarked that the goal of the bill is to provide equal protection to all, including transgender students.

"Against all actual facts, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is hell-bent on making transgender kids into scary villains", Jennifer C. Pizer, senior counsel and director of law and policy at Lambda Legal, said in a statement.