Tesla workers reveal brutal working conditions on the assembly line


Speaking of the long term, he has also predicted that Tesla's market cap could reach anywhere from $500 billion to even $1 trillion or more. The report details the toll of the company's drive to raise production and turn a profit. The website asserts that the company chose to bore tunnels instead of building flying cars because the latter would have to face issues with weather, noise and not failing mid-flight - the fear of falling on someone walking underneath. That means more employees, more capital spending and, nearly certainly, more effort from current employees.

"From what I've gathered, Elon Musk started Tesla kind of like an app startup, and didn't realize that it isn't just nerds at a computer desk typing", an unnamed source told the Guardian. Come Wednesday you start to feel something. He published a blog post explaining that numerous factory staff planned to try and unionize as a response to their feeling like they were "working for a company of the future under working conditions of the past". Tesla has been able to capitalize on its soaring share price by raising the capital that it needs to fund growth while minimizing dilution relative to if shares were lower, and that capital will be utterly necessary if the company ever hopes to achieve its long-term growth targets. Employee reactions to the option and restricted stock unit grants has been mixed.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said during a company's earnings call that plans for a second, third and fourth Gigafactory will be announced by the end of the year.

Other workers also recounted their stories to the newspaper, and some said they felt compelled to hide their injuries because some managers belittled their injuries and told them to work through the pain.

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"I think our management team would agree that our plant doesn't function as well as it could, but until now they've underestimated the value of listening to employees", wrote Moran, who has worked at the plant for four years.

As Uber has been mired in crises this year, senior management and investors have begun to look at Tesla with envy.

The Fremont, California auto plant employs 10,000 workers, often working mandatory overtime to meet the company's projection to make 500,000 electric cars in 2018, a 485 percent increase from 2016. The first machine is called "Godot", and future machine names will follow a theme of plays and poems. So we've got alien dreadnought version 0.5 will be Model 3. The truth is probably somewhere between the two. The standard speed of operation of this machine, as shown off via an Instagram video, is damn painful and slow. The newspaper talked to many people and some have complained about grueling pressure and sometimes life-changing injuries.

Tesla's stock closed at $313.06 on Thursday and traded up about 1% in Friday's premarket session at $316.10.