Take a spin with Fernando Alonso on the Indy Motor Speedway


Alonso explained how despite his near-two decades of F1 experience, most of the IndyCar information, strategy, drivers and teams are new to him. "We executed qualifying well and I felt confident in the vehicle". "So that's the first step of this adventure, to be better and better every day". But the change if scenery is not something Alonso feels he needed after three years of struggle with McLaren-Honda in F1.

I usually encounter Alonso during F1 race weekends, when he can often be fidgety and impatient while dealing with media situations. "If it is not the case, then I will be more than happy to talk to anyone". "It's an wonderful welcome and I think that elevates the decision and the happiness to be here".

Swapping Formula 1 for IndyCars means a completely different experience for the Spaniard, both the racing and the general atmosphere. "I think tomorrow we will concentrate a little bit more alone on qualifying, but the priority is the race". I hope the feelings I feel, and the things I see stay in my mind forever. Now, you are obviously focused on practice, but qualifying will be exciting.

The final day of practice is known as "Fast Friday" because cars are put into qualifying trim, with reduced downforce and increased power from the engines. Hahaha. I joke, I joke (not really).

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This is because he was a less experienced driver when he made the move, whereas Alonso is already established as a top-liner. The original is worth $3.5million, and he didn't baulk at the seven-figure estimate. After a slow start during the practice session, Alonso seems to have caught up with the way everything works at the Indy 500 as he managed a fourth place finish in the fourth practice session. "When Nico Hulkenberg won at Le Mans in the FIA WEC in 2015, it was a big deal for us".

When asked what the reaction to Alonso's participation has been like among the 32 drivers he will contest the Indy 500 alongside, Hinchcliffe told ESPN: "Just huge excitement to have a guy with his credentials and following to come here". I want to race in Formula 1 and I normally find a team that welcomes me into an F1 vehicle.

"And I want to make something clear. If I'm able to enjoy it [at Indy] and I'm able to have another opportunity, why not?"