SNL's President Trump seals Sean Spicer's job fate with a kiss


Reporters can't help but ask Sanders (beg her, really) to take over Spicer's position full time. With Melissa McCarthy serving as host, her Sean "Spicey" Spicer impression put in a show stopping performance.

McCarthy once again brought comic spice plus Spicer to "Saturday Night Live".

"All right, let me put this whole Russian Federation thing to bed once and for all", she said.

"Trump is innocent", McCarthy's Spicer proclaims about the president's connection to Russian Federation.

Be proactive - Use the "Flag as Inappropriate" link at the upper right corner of each comment to let us know of abusive posts. "Because he TOLD us so!" "He hired lawyers to agree with him". She's been putting a lot into this episode, even taking it to the streets when earlier this week she was seen dressed as Sean Spicer, driving his podium through the streets of NY.

It turns out that scene was the lead-up to a shocking conclusion for her Spicer sketch Saturday, and one that involved "SNL's" other main political impersonator: Alec Baldwin.

Responding to questions about Trump's state of mental health, Spicer retorted: "If he's insane, he's insane like a fox with mental problems".

"I did. I fired him because of Russia", Trump told an incredulous Holt.

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"I think I can't do this anymore Mr Trump".

Then a reporter asked, "Were you surprised Trump fired Comey before he fired you?"

"What if he's lying to you?" one journalist asks.

Anxious for his job, Spicer began a dogged quest to Trump's hometown - using the same podium footage witnessed in Manhattan on Friday - to question the President on his apparent lies to the White House mouthpiece.

However, it was quickly noticed that Spicer was actually standing outside the building, staring in through the press room window while hiding in the bushes. The next doll up was "James Comey", painted as Jake the Dog from Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, then "HIllary Clinton", a painting of Malificent from Sleeping Beauty, and underneath was a drawing of Putin ("Oops", McCarthy said quickly before tossing that doll aside), followed by "Steve Bannon", a painting of Slimer from Ghostbusters.

McCarthy took repeated pies to the face as a hapless contestant on a game show called "Just Desserts!" Spicer confronts Trump about his potential firing, but the two end up literally making out.

"Only since you started working here", Trump's Baldwin responds before playfully tickling McCarthy's Spicer and asking for a kiss.

"Sure, O.K.", Baldwin's Trump shrugs, knowing that without Republicans willing to stand up to him, he can get away with just about anything.